Where do we start

Building a web-site is akin to building a collection (of insects). The starting point has a focus, and here it joins up to meet at that most bountiful and diverse of places, the Island of Borneo. 

The NHM's collection of coleoptera from Borneo has been built upon over the past 200 years, and is still expanding with our active collecting policy - hopefully this web-site won't take as long to build.

The idea for this site is just a very small, yet important contribution to making our (NHM) collections digitally accessible online and to as many people as possible all over the globe (experts, amateurs, natural historians, general enthusiasts and simply lovers of beetles) 

We want to keep it simple but we also want to include as much information as possible about the specimens we will, over the next months, painstakingly photograph, collate and document for a visually diverse display of the coleopteran diversity of Borneo.

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